Why Is Vinyl Making a Comeback?

Some people may still be thinking why vinyl has suddenly made this big comeback out of nowhere and you are confused now with all this modern technology why vinyl would be needed. Well, hopefully, this post will give you some clarity on this.


Cool Factor

The most obvious reason is that vintage objects are now seen as cool, and retro and people want to be able to impress their friends. It has almost been formed as part of a hipster culture which is millennials who are abandoning the ‘chains’ of society and going along with their own path. Through this, they love vintage style and enjoy bringing things from the past back into the modern-day. Vinyl is just one of the things where they can listen to indie tunes or other music with their friends chilling at home and vibe for the whole night, creating a vintage atmosphere for everyone.


Listening Experience

Another reason for using vinyl is that the listening quality of records is so much more Hi-Fi than using a CD or just your phone. It provides that crisp sounds that can be played out loud to so many speakers especially through the speaker features on the new vinyl gear. The vibe just seems to be so much better on a vinyl record player because you can feel the vibrations under your feet and really get connected with the music, which is why people rather listen to music this way.



There is something that people miss about CDs, which is the power to own an album or single. With streaming platforms being so big people are no longer owning their own music but are paying subscription services to listen to any music they want, and although this is useful it takes away the special feeling of owning your own music. I remember one of the most exciting things for me at Christmas to get gifted a brand new album but some of my favorite artists and play them on repeat on my CD player, now vinyl has brought that feeling back, which is really exciting!



One of the most exciting things is to build a collection of things that you are passionate about whether it is guitars, photos, coins, or vinyl records. People are going crazy for old-school vinyl records that they can hang up on their walls or keep in their collection to impress all their friends. Vinyl collectors seem to be in the older age group rather than the vinyl listeners who seem to be in the younger generation. The collectors will use online services to find old records and new records that they feel will be worth a lot in the future, although it needs to be noted that vinyl records are very expensive to buy so if you are thinking about starting a collection then be prepared for a large chunk of cash leaving your wallet.


To conclude, vinyl is back and who knows whether it is here to stay but there are so many reasons why it could now be back forever. The main reasons are collectors, listening experience, ownership, and coolness, where many of the younger generations get into listening to vinyl due to the cool factor that they get from owning them. Although, vinyl is really expensive so maybe people will not be able to afford the upkeep of owning records and therefore, vinyl could be leaving us again after it’s the second moment in the music sun.