What’s Better? Should I Hire a Band or a DJ for My Private Event?

Planning your special event can be tricky and it’s why most people will use a company like Smart Works to help them do so. As the event begins to take shape, you will soon realize that music plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere and entertaining the guests. Whether it’s a wedding, an important anniversary, a birthday celebration, or a corporate event, you will have to make crucial decisions when it comes to music.

Some of the factors to consider are the venue’s size and location, the number and age of the guests, and the type of occasion.

Suppose you have your party in a garden or open-air location. In that case, you will need more power (louder music) but take into account that too high sound levels can be annoying, especially for long hours. Music should be noisier on the dance floor and reach the tables where guests are having dinner at a reasonable level so that they can chat without having to raise their voices too much.

One thing I consider is the age of the guests. A party is not an occasion to impose my personal artistic tastes on my friends and relatives, but music should be entertaining for everybody. In the end, you want the party to be fun for everybody!

Hiring a Band

A band can be the perfect option for your party, especially if you are looking to offer your guests not only the music but a full show. It’s better to choose musicians who have experience in this kind of event; a frontman who knows how to interact with the audience will create a friendly, fun, and relaxed atmosphere.

Before choosing the ensemble, search on the internet for bands close to your area and look at their website to learn more about their repertoire. Feedback is also essential, so read the comments of people who have hired them previously. If possible, go to watch them playing live, so that you can see (and listen) for yourself and decide if they are the right option for you.

A band needs a dedicated space to be able to set up the stage. They will also need to come well in advance to perform their soundcheck and tidy up the gear (instruments, cables, cases, amplifiers, and microphone stands) before the guests arrive.

Hiring a DJ

A DJ can have a tremendous impact on your private event. When you have found a DJ who you think may suit your needs, have a chat with him/her to talk about your preferences about the music selection that you’d like to be played. You can ask to listen to some of his playlists; usually, these artists promote themselves through platforms such as YouTube and Soundcloud.

It’s crucial to choose a DJ with good gear, such as a powerful PA system and professional lighting equipment. In terms of budget, hiring a DJ is usually less expensive than a full band. Despite this, many well-established and busy DJs require (rightfully) to be compensated according to their experience.

In The End: Which One Should I Choose?

I will hire a band if:

  • I’m not just interested in the music, but I also want to offer a full show that will engage the audience
  • The venue is big enough to accommodate a stage for the musicians
  • I can rely on a reasonably generous budget
  • I like the energy of live music

I will hire a DJ if:

  • I want live music, but am on a tight budget
  • The party is in a closed venue (such as a restaurant)
  • I prefer music styles such as techno, EDM, or chill out
  • The venue is small, and there is no room for a big stage
  • I am organizing a corporate event and only need soft, background music