What Makes a Good Photographer?

Photography is one of the most lucrative career paths one can choose. However, the profession comes with several challenges that make it hard for many people to succeed. Despite the challenges, there are many photographers around the world majoring in different fields. The presence of many photographers makes it hard to determine which one is best suited for a certain job. When choosing a photographer, educational background is among the least important factors I would look at. Many self-taught photographers can do excellent work. Here are some aspects I look at when assessing a photographer for a job.


Creativity and Imagination

Photography is a form of art. Therefore, it requires creative thinking and a lot of imagination. Before giving out a job, I ensure the photographer can interpret my ideas and express them as a photo. Additionally, a photographer should be able to come up with different ways to present an idea as a photo. Creative photographers help me interpret subjects from a different perspective through photos. To judge their creativity, I go through their previous work. This is either through catalogs sent to me by the photographer or on different platforms where they publish their work.


An eye for Detail

A photograph is more than just the subject. To achieve the desired message, a photographer needs to pay attention to details that enhance the photo. These details include lighting, composition, storytelling, and emotion. To capture the right details, I work closely with the photographer to ensure the directing and editing processes align with my target.


Patience and Flexibility

Not everything works according to the plan during a photography session. Therefore, before hiring a photographer, I ensure they can adapt to unforeseen changes. In some cases, the weather might change abruptly and force us to change the location or wait until it is clear enough for a photography session. Such scenarios require the photographer to be flexible enough to change their schedules when need be. Patience allows the photographer to take as many photos as possible before we get the perfect shot. In some cases, the subject might require to be taken slowly through the poses they need to make until they get it right.


Good People Skills

Professional photographers have to work with different people; these could be clients, models, directors, or even fellow photographers. Having good people skills makes it easy to coordinate activities between the photographer and other people working on the project. I prefer working with friendly and open-minded photographers because they speak out when they have ideas that could make work easier or better. For instance, a good photographer can as well act as a director.


Proper Equipment

Other than skills and personality, having proper equipment also determines how good a photographer is. After coming up with the concepts of a photograph, I always look out for equipment that could work best to bring it to life. You can only get quality photographs if you use the right equipment. The photographer should have adequate knowledge of operating the equipment. Procedures such as changing lenses during the shoot require precision to avoid breakages. Additionally, a photographer should look after their eye health, as it is quite an important part of the profession. Those with vision problems can get it corrected by undergoing laser eye surgery from the likes of SharpeVision clinic (check their LASIK eye surgery reviews) or by using glasses. If your vision is perfect, do make sure that you keep your eyes protected and also perform eye exercises to avoid overstraining.


There are many other factors that make a good photographer. These include affordability and ability to beat deadlines. There are different types of photography. Thus, the qualities of a photographer might vary depending on their specific subfield. However, those mentioned above are general qualities that cut across all forms of photography.