Different Types of Photography

There is a huge variety of different types of photography, different art, angles, models, mediums, even photography lighting types can be varied as well. In this article, I give you a brief description of all the various kinds in which both amateur and professional photographers can get involved. In today’s modern age, photography has become easier for people to start up as there are more advancements than there initially were.
Photography is becoming more and more popular now that the cameras of the day and age are becoming more developed. There are so many forms of photography art to capture a moment in time, or make people feel something. Maybe one of the more popular photography services is shots from a newborn photographer. The importance for parents to have their beautiful new baby captured in time as a memory to cherish forever, and this is an example of how important it can be to people.

Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is non-objective photography where different concepts with various experiment oriented trials are done to take the photos. In this, I usually like to take abstract images, and instead of detail, focus on a particular object or item. There are many abstract photos that are available.

Adventure Photography

Adventure photography is the one that will completely refresh your brain when you try it. For me, this is one of the most exciting activities I consider whenever I think of adventure. In this, I give more preference to some new and exciting collections of nature to capture; this might be different kinds of landscapes, wild birds or animals, any reptile species and a few other similar groups.

Architectural Photography

An architectural collection has the most beautiful and detailed photography in place. In this kind of photography, I would like to capture good sculptures of ancient civilization, monuments, and arts etc. There are many fabulous places across the world. Once I visit them, I make sure to capture a fair amount of photos which will help me to recollect the history of a particular place.


Astrophotography as I see it is one of the most challenging areas in photography. When I want to take photographs of any celestial objects, stars or any images of a particular planet, it is not so easy as I think. To capture astronomical photos, a fair amount of skill set is required, and also a high investment in the cameras and lenses is necessary. Usually, astronomical photographs are captured either by some space vehicle or with the help of some astronauts, due to multiple reasons.

Candid Photography

Candid photography is very trending recently. I like it most because without any posing, capturing it in a natural way will give a very energetic appearance. Whenever attending a wedding party, children’s events, and similar occasions, I see by default, a candid photographer is roaming around capturing different pictures in a realistic style. The joyous feeling we get after seeing such candid photos will really make memories. Even at my wedding, I personally wanted a candid photoshoot, and I was able to find a perfect candid photographer.

Cityscape Photography

Cityscape photography is an area which covers different landscapes in a city environment, whether it is a good lighting area in the street, skyscrapers in the city, or different modes of city transportation and other subjects. Many photographers use a wide-angle lens to get complete coverage of the city landscape in one photo. Sometimes, based on the necessity, I might need to use a tripod stand also in order to obtain perfect images of the city.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is a booming and exciting occupation currently. Any enterprise, for its business, advertisements, and many such areas, uses commercial photography. I see the dependency on commercial photography on a vast scale; for example, in brochures, flyers, display boards, etc. I carefully consider its area of application before taking commercial photographs, because they should indirectly convey the message of the retail picture.

Drone Photography

Drone photography is the latest trend in the industry. For many of the TV shots, prominent events, and other occasions, photographs are taken through drones. There is so much research and development ongoing in this field to bring up advanced technologies drone cameras. In recent days, many photographers are using drones for replacing the use of aeroplanes.