6 Ways to find People with a Similar Music Taste

Music is personal, yet we can still find like-minded individuals with our same taste. Music can be performed to a crowd, who all interact together at the same time, or can be listened to covertly through headphones, fearing that nobody else around us will be interested in listening to the same band. We shall explore the many ways of finding the people who share our common musical interest and would be more than happy to share it with us.

  1. Social media platforms are a good place to meet up online and talk about music. Apart from Facebook, which allows you to share a variety of topics with your friends, ReverbNation is a website specifically available to novice musicians. Launched in 2006, its focus is on the independent music industry, allowing not just musicians but producers and venues to make contact with each other. Other possible sites for music sharing interests include: SoundCloud, BandCamp, Drooble and Twitter.
  2. Music Dating Apps are the perfect way to meet someone who shares your taste in music. Why, on only your first date, start with an immediate disagreement? CLiKD, a photo-based platform, acts as a social sharing and dating site. Tastebuds is an App tailored for musicians with a similar taste in music. Vampr bears a similarity to Tinder, except that it is for dating musicians and music lovers. Musx can be likened to Instagram for those who love music. Musician Friends Date is a free website platform that those into music can use to meet for a date. So, plenty of choices here to share your music genre. If you do get a chance to meet up with one of your music dates, then you may want to look into a pheromones perfume or a similar product, so you can entice them not only with your music tastes but with your whole being.
  3. If you would like to randomly meet up with people who share your musical interests, a great way is to simply buy a ticket to a gig for your favourite band, and then randomly see who is there. Or alternatively, agree to meet someone at the venue. Websites such as ticketmaster.co.uk are a useful source to buy tickets.
  4. To connect with people who attend live music festivals, there are various websites that allow you to search for gigs by Artist. One such site is: concertbuddies.co.uk, which allows you to find a buddy who you can befriend and message prior to attending a concert with them. This person can then not only attend the one concert with you but become a life-time friend with a shared musical interest. This is a particularly good way of attending an event when you have nobody from your immediate family, or friendship group, who shares the same interests in music as you.
  5. For musicians and singers looking to join a band to share their musical interests, by playing and jamming together, there are various websites that allow advertisements to be placed to find members. Joinmyband.com, for instance, will allow you to place a free advertisement to find band members in your local area. Entries are listed by country or region, to find everyone from guitar and keyboard players, to singers who can front their band.
  6. Volunteering is a wonderful way of meeting friends with the same interest in music, whilst at the same time, helping the venue to put on a concert. There is also the possibility that what starts off as a voluntary position may turn into paid work, and that someone who starts off as a fellow volunteer then becomes a work colleague also sharing a love of the same kind of music that you prefer to listen to. The advantage of volunteering initially is that you will be meeting up with people who have a real passion for music, as they will be offering their services for free. In the main, volunteering positions are likely to include roles such as: stewarding, selling tickets and all forms of hospitality in relation to looking after the bands and their audiences.


With many ways of meeting someone with the same taste in music as you, the internet is a wonderful place to start to put you in touch with various people and organizations you would otherwise not have known about.