6 Reasons Why Playing the Piano Improves Wellbeing

Piano is one of the most recognisable musical instruments in the world and for good reason, it is featured in a wide range of music. Many of us have thought about playing the well-known instrument ourselves but have never found the time for it or haven’t had access to important things like using the best piano stool to help to make playing the piano more comfortable. I am going to give you 6 reasons why playing the piano improves your wellbeing to try to help those on the fence to take the plunge.

It can Increase Cognitive Development

There are numerous scientific studies that have demonstrated a link between playing music and improved cognitive development. Playing an instrument can stimulate children’s brains in a unique way. When playing the piano, neurological pathways are connected. These pathways can even help you in other disciplines – the STEM fields in particular find music helpful.

This will have a very positive effect on your career by supporting you on your journey to become more disciplined and structured. Expert musicians often can translate their great practicing skills into all areas of life. You will bring your IQ score up and improve your ability to reason as well!

It can help lower stress levels

Playing the piano can be a great way to relieve stress. You can sit at the piano and fill your mind with nothing but wonderful piano music – allowing you to forget about the stresses of everyday life. Some have compared playing the piano to meditation and we can see why. Playing the piano will reduce your stress levels.

It can Reduce Loneliness

Playing the piano can help you connect with others, so many people love music so if you give music to people you are facilitating an unspoken conversation for those who hear you play. They can feel the emotions you are putting on display when you sit and play the piano when you have the right experience behind you.

And having an interesting hobby like piano can help make friends and is always a fantastic topic of conversation.

It will help you through Challenging Times

It is a proven fact that music has healing qualities as has been recorded in a variety of medical journals. According to some of these studies the vibration of musical notes has a healing effect on numerous symptoms. Depression is often treated with musical vibrations. The truth is, music goes beyond the realm of everyday life and reaches into the very fibre of human life, existence and all the questions it brings with it.

It will Support you to Live Long and Strong

Believe it or not, learning to play the piano can slow down the ageing process in those who already have a few years behind them. Studies have discovered that those who take up the piano in their adult and senior years have increased levels of human growth hormones, which slows the effects of ageing.

It Raises Aural Awareness

Those who do not play an instrument may never be able to identify pitches, but if you take up the piano your aural awareness will significantly increase. Once you are past the basics, you will even be able to identify tones, intervals, and chords by ear. Many of your friends who are not musically inclined will think you have some kind of superpower.

You will also be more attentive and able to listen to important meetings, work-related communications, and speeches so this should give you an extra edge in whatever career you have or aspire too. So, if you are planning on starting your piano lessons, do not wait another minute and get started! Do your research and find the right piano, get help from agencies like Piano Movers of Texas or similar ones. And finally, get in contact with a professional piano instructor in your locality to start your lessons.

Overall, playing piano comes with a massive variety of cognitive and social benefits that will help you grow as a person. Being more in tune with your emotions and have another way of expressing your emotions is always helpful, especially when you find yourself in a challenging part of your life.