5 Number 1 Hits That Are Here to Stay

Over the years there have been some huge hits that have stayed with us forever and no matter what they will always be played on the radio and known by various generations. Here are my top 5 picks of top 1 songs that I feel represent songs that are never going to disappear.


1964 – “You Really Got Me” – The Kinks

The Kinks were formed in 1963 in England and are a rock band composed of four people who have created an array of great rock songs. The song ‘You Really Got Me’ was a number 1 hit in 1964 and this surprises a lot of people because it is still a prolific song today in our society. It is all over summer playlists on Spotify and rock classic albums, it also gets featured a lot in movies and tv shows if there is a fun action sequence. The reason I think this song is still iconic is because of the catchy beat, simple lyrics, and ease to sing along to vocals. I hear it on every road trip, and I think we are going to continue to hear it for years to come.


1975 – “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen

One of the most iconic bands in the world created in 1970 and continually gave us amazing music throughout the decades! Their first big hit ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was one of the most different and influential pieces of music at that time and still current today. There are so many different elements in this song that all sound like completely different songs pushed together but it is utter genius. This song is known by so many different generations and when it comes on when people are on the dancefloor the energy just completely ramps up a hundred levels. The writing is beautiful, and the drama is electric, which is why Bohemian Rhapsody has been immortalized in the music hall of fame.


1982 – “Come on Eileen” – Dexy Midnight Runners

You could say that this is more of a one-hit wonder kind of band, which started in England and are comprised of many different sounds and influences. However, this song is very well-known and if it turns on at a wedding, all generations are jumping up and dancing and singing along! The music is simple to sing along to and has that bouncy celebration beat that makes us all want to jump up and dance, plus it has parts that go from slow to fast adding on to this energy. I barely go any time without listening to this song because it is either on the radio, my personal playlist, or on the TV in some form, a truly incredible dancefloor bop.


1999 – “Baby One More Time” – Britney Spears

Britney Spears is a huge pop sensation who started in the 90s and was still prolific in the 00s and today. ‘Baby One More Time’ was her breakthrough hit and it is still one of the most popular songs today and I don’t think it is ever going to go away. The song gives you confidence and a catchy tune that anyone can sing along to on a car ride, in the park, or at a party. I know it always gets me up on the dancefloor and all my friends so if anything, it is never going to fade in my friendship group, a true pop classic.


2007 – “Umbrella” – Rihanna ft. Jay Z

Rihanna is a modern-day star who started her career in the 00s and although this song features Jay Z it is all Rihanna’s presence that has made it the hit it is today. There is no way this song is ever going to fade away, you cannot even pick up an umbrella without going ella ella eh eh afterward, it is a true classic! Plus, the fast flow of the track is so fun to sing along to and dance to that it is infectious, and you cannot resist but sing.


Although this list is reduced to 5 songs, of course, there are so many more songs out there by the bands like the Beetles, Oasis, and so many more but these are the ones that I will always stick on at a party. I would love it if you told me some of the immortal sounds that you think are never going to disappear.